With design we actually mean Web-design, logo-design, page-design, illustrations, brands etc.

The process of making a web site involves many stages,

  1. Sketches and drawings on paper.
  2. Wire-frames in Fireworks or Photoshop
  3. Pages with navigation in a PDF or HTML file.
  4. Functional web site on server

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The first steps belongs to the designing and the last step involves the development (all the different programming) to make it work.

We can integrate the whole task to one smooth path with seamless integration between design and development.

Design and Development

We can offer

- our services for either the complete process or only parts of it , all according to your needs.

By using pages with navigation in a pdf (or html) file our clients can get a feel of how it will look like in a web site and suggest changes before the time consuming task of programming the site starts. This is very important because it saves time (= cost).

The tools we use are Adobe CS4 suite, Fireworks, Photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and most important our knowledge.

Our Client is always a VIP.

Flash is used for animations and for showing video in a web page.

To learn more about Flash and animation click here.

To learn more about the different options in the development stage click here.